Holmwood Highgate is Australia’s longest running tanker manufacturer.

Certain Chemical, and Food grade road tankers have special needs. Corrosion resistance and product compatibility is an abvious reason to need Stainless Steell. Stainless is also a requirment in liquid foods transportation as it is essential to keep that food clean and hygienic as it is transported along many kilometres to its destination. If it is spoiled or the tanker springs a leak there is great loss and the company is not happy. We are experts in designing road tankers made of stainless steel that are reliable and solid so that no matter how rough the road is they will not develop leaks or anything else that may compromise the quality.

Whether you want a chemical tanker, milk tanker or any other kind of tanker, we are the best in the business as our stainless steel tankers are well-known and respected all over the world. Our reputation as designers and manufacturers of tankers of all kinds is well respected, so you can be assured that your equipment will be a reliable unit that lasts for many years.

We can also offer spare parts, repairs and servicing to ensure you get the best out of your equipment. No parts last forever but regular servicing is the best way to ensure that your tanker won’t break down due to neglect. These days the best way to prevent accidents is to get your equipment serviced when they are due for it. So give us a call today; we will be happy to discuss your stainless steel tanker specifications, whether that is for new tankers or modification and customisation of existing tankers.

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