Holmwood Highgate is Australia’s longest running tanker manufacturer.

The name Holmwood Highgate is associated with the world’s greatest road fuel tankers. Holmwood Highgate Tankers are 2nd to no manufacturer in terms of quality, reliability and strength. Quality is as cosmetic as it is structural. Form and Function. Holmwood Highgate tankers are proven to out run, outperform, and outlast the competition in the toughest environments on the planet.The Holmwood Highgate tanker design is unique, proving itself as more robust and crack resistant – which is critical for cartage of fuel, petrol and chemicals. The saddle supports and sub-frame attachments are designed to transfer loads evenly through the tank shell of fuel trucks, using finite element & computer stress analysis, eliminating cracks or leaks occurring at the bulkhead /sub-frame intersections. From the lightest tare weighted tankers, the heaviest of off-road toughness, Holmwood Tankers have proven reliability time and time again in Australia.

At the start of the year 2000, we acquired the ‘Hockney Alcan’ business, and we added new Tanker Designs to our Product Range. The most unique design in this range is known throughout the World as “THOMAS” standing for Tanker Having Optimum Mass And Stability.

Holmwood has since improved the basic THOMAS design, and these tankers can now be specified in almost any configuration.

As well as “THOMAS”, the Holmwood engineering team has now refined, and improved the conventional Hockney tanker design, and we market this tanker as a ‘Hockney Retro’ and is available in rigid, semi and B’double configurations.

Holmwood provides a full ‘go to whoa’ one-stop shop. Your every liquid cartage need is catered for, from fuel haul and dangerous goods preparation of prime movers, pumping & metering equipment and hydraulic fit-out, through to all service, repairs and spare parts requirements.

It all adds up to Holmwood Highgate providing the world’s best tankers, and Australia’s best tanker service.

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