Holmwood Highgate is Australia’s longest running tanker manufacturer.

Narwhal Fluid Quip provides full turn-key manufacturing including hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics. Regarded as a leading manufacturer of fuel and lubrication service vehicles with customers extending from major mining, oil and contracting companies to local government bodies. Established in Queensland in 1999, the Narwhal name stems back to the 1970’s and was based in New South Wales where the product range was very broad in the manufacturing of specialized vehicles & equipment particularly in the Mining & Municipal sector. Today Narwhal Fluid Quip has now become more focused on product standardization rather than one off type manufacturing. Under the Holmwood banner the range of capabilities are vast with Narwhal Fluid Quip specialising in everything from dispensing equipment, water sprayers, general fluid cartage and large fuel lube service trucks with payloads up to 85 tonne.

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