Highgate Engineers are Australia’s longest running fuel tank manufacturer for the trucking industry.

With over fifty years in the fuel tank manufacturing game, we have supplied many of the Major Truck Manufacturers as well as major trucking companies and the after market spare parts suppliers throughout Australia and different parts of the World.

We have always taken pride in our workmanship, this is shown through our designs, welding and the quality of our finished products.
We are not just limited to fuel tanks, we do, oil, water, hydraulic,
hydraulic conversions, repairs, servicing and not forgetting our
vast range of parts and accessories, especially our very popular
locking fuel tank cap range.

Highgate engineers have been operating successfully since their launch in the 1970’s through a combination of price competitive solutions with quality products. In the 1980’s Highgate formed a partnership to create the Holmwood Highgate brand that has developed even stronger brand recognition for quality, long lasting, professionally presented goods. Proven internationally for their generic tank sizes, and capabilities to create customised, short run specials, Highgate Engineers can design, fabricate and fit tanks to all leading truck brands to carry fuel, water, or whatever your needs require. More recently, Highgate Engineers have also diversified into providing all the aluminium fabrication for Runaway Bay pontoon boats.

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