DuraLed® Combination Lamp

Description LED Stop/ Rear Position/ Rear Direction Indicator Lamp utilising EDT (Enhanced Definition Technology) for the stop signal function and UWVO (Ultra Wide Visibility Optics) for improved side visibility. Suitable for light commercial vehicles and boat trailers. Fully sealed to withstand water submersion and high-pressure washing. Optic appears clear until illuminated. ECE Compliance E4 10176.

Voltage Multivolt (8-28V DC)

Wattage Stop – 5W
Rear Position – 1W
Indicator – 5W

Mounting Suitable for horizontal mounting (screw caps and mounting bushes included).

Protection Reverse Polarity and 5.0kW Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS). Fully sealed against dust and moisture to IP6K6 and IP6K7.

Note For heavy duty transport or construction vehicles and/or where separate lamps are required for each function, Hella recommends the DuraLed Multivolt Signal Lamp Range.

ADR No 6/00:Cat 2a

ADR Function Rear Direction Indicator Lamp
Stop Lamp
Rear Position Lamp

CRN 30916

Accessories & Spare Parts

9.2330.08 Screw cap and boss kit

9.2330.10 Red screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.11 White screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.12 Blue screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.13 Green screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.14 Yellow screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.15 Black screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.16 Amber screw cap (Pack of 4)

9.2330.17 Screw boss (Pack of 4)


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