Aluminium Tray Alcan



Aluminium Alcan Tray
Various Sizes Available Upon Request
Heavy Duty , Light Weight,
Many Optional Extras Available,
Led Lights ,Roof Racks, Tow Bars, Tool Boxes,
With Hockney , your possibilities are endless


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Alcan were the first Company in Australia to manufacture the versatile low cost lightweight aluminium tray for the one tonne cab chassis vehicles in 1972. The vehicle market enthusiastically endorsed the product with volume orders. The Alcan style tray is marketed at the heavy trades and rural markets. The tray’s superior quality and strength enable it to be suitable from 1 tonne to 6 tonne cab chassis range. The average aluminium content in the majority of 1 tonne tray bodies is 100kg, the Alcan tray’s aluminium content is 135kg, allowing better point loading and resistance to penetration. The Alcan tray is constructed using thicker extrusions than its competitors. Side coamings are 12mm thick compared to alternative coamings of 4mm. The side coamings incorporate the tie rail in the extrusion via milled slots, allowing it to be safe and obstruction free with a neat clean appearance. The dropsides are heavy gauge and do not have excessive flex. Construction of the tray and components are fastened using huck bolts (Aviation approved fasteners). The dropside latches are robust, simplistic in design, adjustable and maintenance free. The rear of the Alcan tray incorporates rear corner bumper protection and positive retention of the dropsides when the tailgate is removed for cartage of long loads. The standard Alcan tray, which suits a 1 tonne cab chassis, has a load rating of 1.3 tonne. The Alcan tray has passed the test of time with units over 27 years old still being of service in the field

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