Want the best aluminum tipping tray? We make them!

Hockney Engineers “Ute Trays & Service Bodies” today delivered a heavy-duty Alcan Aluminum Tipper Tray
to a local customer.

The process began with us sitting down with our customer and discussing their requirements.
We don’t tell our customers what we have to sell them, we ask them what they need.
Having a purpose-built tray & toolboxes allows our customers to carry exactly what the unit needs to carry,
with the flexibility to add more should their requirements change.

This unit began with a hydraulic tipping system added to the chassis and then a Heavy Duty Alcan Tray mounted on it.
The tray consists of double drop sides & tailgate, Custom headboard toolbox, with tie-down points in the rear.
Chemical underbody boxes were fitted to the rear of the tray on each side. A 15ltr Hand wash unit was also fitted to the passenger side.
Lastly, we fitted a Hayman Reece Tow Bar & an amber beacon to the headboard.

So why choose Hockney for your Ute Tray or Service Body?

We listen to your requirements and build units to suit your needs, not our own. We can build tray sizes longer and wider than you can get at your car dealer.
Thus allowing you to have a better payload. This is why Hockney Ute Trays have been around since the 1960’s and are still seen going strong today on many Holden 1 Tonne Chassis. Hockney Ute Trays will also provide your vehicle with a better resale value, as buyers realize the longevity of the tray they are buying.

When buying your next Ute Tray ask the dealer these three questions?

1) Can I buy spare hinges for this unit? (without having to buy a whole drop side?)
2) Are spares readily available from your spare parts store? (ask them to show you a loose part)
3) Where was this tray manufactured? (Most “Genuine Trays” are simply Chinese imports)

If you want the Original and the best, Give Hockney Engineers “Ute Trays & Service Bodies” a call today


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