Specialised vehicles, by the specialist builders!

This vehicle is a 4,500-Ltr ‘Low Point Flusher’ delivered to Caltex Aviation late 2017.

It is used to flush the hydrant fueling systems at major airports.
It comprises a bulk fuel tank  (4,500-Ltrs). This is used to collect fuel flushed through the hydrant system at the low point.

On board is also a vacuum system to collect contaminated fuels, water and dirt from the hydrant pits.  The vacuum tank capacity is 1000-Ltrs.

Fuel samples are checked to ensure cleanliness of the hydrant system.  A 70-Ltr collection tank is also fitted to dispose of the samples.

Both flushing and vacuum systems feature hydraulic rewind hose reels fitted with purpose specific hoses and fittings.

Another example of a highly specialised solution designed and built to customer specifications, in Australia, by Holmwood.



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